The dev shop for startups.
Zen Mobile is a dev shop dedicated to helping startups get off the ground. We have friendly price tiers whether you need to build your full product, Beta, MVP, or just need advice on how to get started.
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What We Do

Let us outsource your CTO.

We Build Your Product

Our developers and designers have a lot of experience building iOS apps, Android, apps, web apps, Websites, and online stores. No matter what software your startup needs, we have the skills you need.

Let Us Worry about Scaling

Finding product-market fit and growing your user base are hard enough tasks by themselves. You shouldn't be worrying about making sure your product is live for your users too. Good thing we can handle that as well!

We'll Put You On The Right Path

Most first time entrepreneurs don't know where to begin when it comes to SAAS. Which is why we always offer free consulting to point you in the right direction when it comes to tech. We don't want to take your money if there are other things you should be doing before building.

Our Team

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AJ Beckner

Founder | Project Manager

AJ is a serial entrepreneur from Philly. His skills include lean startup methodologies, user-centered design research, and software development. He is a "full-stack entrepreneur". He is familar with many technologies including, iOS, Android, Angular.js, Ionic, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, SQL,,, Swift, C++, Java, Ant, Python, Bash, AWK, Matlab, Unix, Linux, Watch OS, Android Wear, Raspberry Pi, and more

Price Tiers

Idea MVP Beta Scale
Free! Premium - Budget Premium Premium
1 Consultation Full UI for user testing Full UI for user testing Polished Professional UI
Entrepreneurship Resources/Info Core functionality Full Functionality Polished Functionality
Tech Resources/Info "Hacked" UVP Functional UVP Robust UVP
... Landing Page Full Website Full Website
... Basic Customer Analytics Advanced Customer Analytics Advanced Customer Analytics
Managed hosting/deploying at cost Managed hosting/deploying at cost Managed hosting/deploying at cost

Our pricing scales with your startup, no matter how far along you are! Not every startup or entrepreneur is the same and our pricing schedule reflects that. Whether you are just starting out and maybe need to learn a bit more about lean startups before diving in and getting a testable MVP from us or you already have a proven market and need to outsource managing your growing traffic, we can scale to meet you eye to eye.

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Have any Questions? A project? Just want to get in touch about something awesome you're working on? This is the place!