LawDecoder is a Philly based startup where I was the technical lead for about a year, before taking over growth as well during my last month working there.

LawDecoder is a web app that helps people learn about their legal  problems and connects them with lawyers and legal service providers that can solve them. We use our database of translated legal information to make decision trees for a chatbot like interface that learns a users specific legal problem and provides them with the most relevant law, translated to a 6th grade reading level.


At LawDecoder the product team uses a lot of different technologies to get the job done including WordPress, custom Angular dashboards, firebase databases, and python for data science and automation. The product, Decode, is managed by python, using the API to remotely coordinate hundreds of legal statutes between our database and product pages. This way the app can create dynamic UI with all the SEO power and content customization of WordPress.

Developing SEO Strategy

As the head of growth I trained the marketing team on keyword planning, on page SEO, and link building. Our comprehensive SEO strategy involved coordinating with all of LawDecoder’s teams to optimize the content and presentation. I was also able to poke around and reverse engineer some of Quora’s SEO strategy using search engines and browser plugins.

LawDecoder Website

LawDecoder is still a running startup. If you would like to see the current project you can visit it below and learn about your rights!

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