Teamtrics: AI for Groups

Teamtrics received their first seed funding about a month before they would be able to pilot their app in a few university classrooms. 

Having originally met with me to ask about frameworks for building and deploying a frontend,  the CTO of Teamtrics, Eric Legget asked me to contract the front end of their app. 

Like I had advise him earlier, we decided to release the prototype as a Progressive Web App (PWA) so that we would not have to factor in publishing time to our already tight schedule, and so that updates and patches could  be pushed as needed.

After looking at their designs I prototyped a similar UI that looked a little more like a native app, and showed it to the team for feedback. After making a few changes and beginning some UI testing, it was time to start the networking layer.

Project Goals

Since the backend was still under development, me and Eric created an API definition ahead of time in postman so I could mock the responses and test quickly.

As we both got closer to being ready to integrate, we ended up having to change some parts of the API.

As soon as the networking was connected we began doing QA, and ended up working together a lot to diagnose bugs that the two apps caused when sending responses to each other. 

We finished debugging account creation in time for the students to sign up, and then released the matching functionality by the time they were ready to use it, a week later. 

After using this prototype to get user data and UX research, Teamtrics eventually started hiring a team to rebuild their product natively and maintain it.